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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Why You Should Become an Aspire Member

Success for Today, Don't Worry About Tomorrow

Anyone who has the desire should join Digital Altitude because this company offers information that many don't receive in the classrooms, personal training coaches with advanced experience in business and trade in the USA and internationally, on-your-time training, no obligations, and 100% secure income. No other online business does this nor gives the guarantee of making money in 3 months or less for a low monthly fee.
The $1 14-day trial teaches you more than a two year course and your have immediate contact with your coaches, you receive a new coach as you climb in the Aspire System.
It's not enough to have goals in life and never make an effort to reach them.
It's not enough to even think about setting goals if you're not even confident to put in the 'effort' to try to reach them.
Making money should never be your goal I you can't put spiritual things first. Many people say well I don't believe in God. Well, many success people don't but that's not the point. The point is that there's a principle in all walks of life that is universal: People who work hard for what they are more satisfied than those who have everything handed to them and are far happier.
Hard work from determination and setting goals has blessings. You can find that truth written down in one book for the people who rely on what they see and for the people who like facts in the Bible (Psalm 3:13). Go to a country of different religious beliefs or those with a lack of freedom to do as they please and you will see or be told the same thing: Hard work is enjoyable at the end of the day because of what you gain from it.
So don't wait click here and join today.
For the 14-day trial click here

Wednesday, December 7, 2016




Most people would say "NO" not realizing just how easy it is during this day and time. Before the internet, most had to do hard manual labor til the sun went down just to build a place for the business to be set up in or spend thousands to rent. Nowadays all one needs is a business-savvy mind, electronic device(s), and knowing what type of business you want.  Most of what anyone needs is right at their fingertips.  Most companies allow their customers to become affiliates and advertise for them and this company - DIGITAL ALTITUDE - is helping thousands of people do just that.

Seriously Get your very own personal coach. Easy step by step courses. All you do is sign up.

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Party Must Haves



 Many people are skeptics when it comes to trying new things, some even down right against the idea itself! What urks my nerves is not people refusing but, when someone cannot even give me a logical reason for not "trying" it. I mean there is a reason why the English language developed the word: so people could complete the action and make this quote above a fact.  If people never tried what they never knew existed, their would not be cultural diversity of food and drink the world over.  Now that I have explained to you how this is hopefully going to motivate others, here's what we are going to talk about today: Foreign Treats that are meant to be shared.


I know what you might be thinking, those chocolates that you can only buy in the big city or that cost so much it's too expensive to have enough for a whole party/gathering. WRONG! There are many websites that sell these kinds of delicate treats yet some require some foreign language study. I don't want you to deal with that so, I've decided to tell you about it myself.  From Germany to Japan, many countries sell a variety of chocolate treats, some culturally symbolic of a good time, some seasonal.  People the world over love chocolate and Germany has some of the finest in the world in my opinion with interesting ideas as well.  Japan, being known for it's eagerness to try new things day in and day out has put there own twist to the delectable international confection as well.\


THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Some are stronger in flavor others sweet, ranging from sweet cocktails to taut brown liquors (my favorite), and yet still more flavors to be craving for with a nutty finish all inside a thin layer of white to dark chocolate.  Here's a look at some of the packaging.


  These are just a few flavors. There are so many more and be sure to check them out when you click on the links.


I know what you're thinking: "KIT KATS?! Are you serious?!" and my answer is YES!  Since 2008, I have been exploring the country of Japan to the point where it has been an obsession to have all things Japanese (within reasonable limits of course) and one thing I have come to know and appreciate is their love of wacky treats. πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜΅πŸ¬πŸ­πŸ°πŸͺπŸ«πŸ“πŸ’πŸ‘πŸπŸŽπŸ‘πŸΈπŸΆπŸΉπŸΊ
KitKat has had major success in Japan which of course meaning it had to appeal to the public tastes of Japanese flavor cravings. The result of this long relationship is Kit Kat Sake Flavor ❗πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
 Buy Item Here
Lotte - the maker of the majority of wacky and weird snack foods in Japan - has also been kind enough to have Bacchus, a box of individual chocolate squares filled with brandy that explodes in your mouth leaving you with that warm feeling that goes down the throat and through the body.
Buy Item Here


Okay so now that you see what's available. I'm sure you want to order. Please do so here! and type in "Trumpf Edle" or "Baccus Lotte" or "Japanese Kit Kat".


Monday, December 5, 2016

Making Money


A look into what it takes to "find" ways to make money -

Knowing Where To Look

  Picture this. Your 18-25 years old, jobless, living with your parents, other family members, or friends, and things are looking grim because you have somehow applied for every job within a 100 mile radius that you can possibly think of, and you have experience in (or lack of ) for doing certain things.  You may even have a degree under your belt. Then, you suddenly stop and come to a this sobering realization: Nobody is hiring! You stop what your doing and look at your phone and ask it (more to yourself): "What am I gonna do now?" 
    Sound familiar? Hopefully that's not the case with you but nowadays it's a common one compared to 15 years ago. Less people are going into retirement and they are basically telling the young generation "I can't retire! I've got nothing to do!  I can't afford it! I'm not giving up MY job just so YOU can have it!"  Not all say that but when you're on the outside looking in, one might come to that last conclusion. Don't give up!! Time to look to the new frontier! THE INTERNET!

What To Do Next

Now that you have got an idea! Let's see what you have plans to do on the internet. 
[ ..... ] 
πŸ˜‘ That was bad! 

1) Think about what you have not tried yet you always see it on social media. ADVERTISING!

2) What are people doing to it for? TO MAKE MONEY!
3) How do you make money from advertising on the internet? GO CHECK INTO IT!

When people say they make money online, they are more than likely telling you the truth.  There are a lot of shoppoholics out there that spend millions of dollars online everyday. Most only want to shop from website that have quality, quantity, and traffic. We'll get to that in a second. Knowing things like this is what makes an advertisers job so easy in a way.  Advertisers know the public loves a deal, likewise, people love advertisers who can send them that deal first so they can buy it! 

Websites like amazon, Ebay, Macy's, and more pay average people like you and I to advertise FOR THEM! Hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. 

This Is What Should Want To Do Now

Do have an account with any of these major shopping sites? No? Get one or two or five! Check to see if the website allows its customers to become affiliates - those who are members of the website and receive a percentage whenever the customers whom are directed using personal ID links and makes a purchase. And voila! a partnership is formed. 
Don't stop there! There are many marketing companies to join as well that offer services (AAA©, MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA©, etc.,) that many people don't take advantage of because true enough some are pyramid scams but it pays for you to do your research. That's why I'm here because I have done all that for you.   

DIGITAL ALTITUDE (training to run your own business)

PAYPAL (for your secure online bank) 

Don't be afraid to contact me if you're ready to explore this new frontier into making money online and being apart of the next generation that builds careers online. We will become the new old fashioned together.