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Monday, December 5, 2016

Making Money


A look into what it takes to "find" ways to make money -

Knowing Where To Look

  Picture this. Your 18-25 years old, jobless, living with your parents, other family members, or friends, and things are looking grim because you have somehow applied for every job within a 100 mile radius that you can possibly think of, and you have experience in (or lack of ) for doing certain things.  You may even have a degree under your belt. Then, you suddenly stop and come to a this sobering realization: Nobody is hiring! You stop what your doing and look at your phone and ask it (more to yourself): "What am I gonna do now?" 
    Sound familiar? Hopefully that's not the case with you but nowadays it's a common one compared to 15 years ago. Less people are going into retirement and they are basically telling the young generation "I can't retire! I've got nothing to do!  I can't afford it! I'm not giving up MY job just so YOU can have it!"  Not all say that but when you're on the outside looking in, one might come to that last conclusion. Don't give up!! Time to look to the new frontier! THE INTERNET!

What To Do Next

Now that you have got an idea! Let's see what you have plans to do on the internet. 
[ ..... ] 
😑 That was bad! 

1) Think about what you have not tried yet you always see it on social media. ADVERTISING!

2) What are people doing to it for? TO MAKE MONEY!
3) How do you make money from advertising on the internet? GO CHECK INTO IT!

When people say they make money online, they are more than likely telling you the truth.  There are a lot of shoppoholics out there that spend millions of dollars online everyday. Most only want to shop from website that have quality, quantity, and traffic. We'll get to that in a second. Knowing things like this is what makes an advertisers job so easy in a way.  Advertisers know the public loves a deal, likewise, people love advertisers who can send them that deal first so they can buy it! 

Websites like amazon, Ebay, Macy's, and more pay average people like you and I to advertise FOR THEM! Hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. 

This Is What Should Want To Do Now

Do have an account with any of these major shopping sites? No? Get one or two or five! Check to see if the website allows its customers to become affiliates - those who are members of the website and receive a percentage whenever the customers whom are directed using personal ID links and makes a purchase. And voila! a partnership is formed. 
Don't stop there! There are many marketing companies to join as well that offer services (AAA©, MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA©, etc.,) that many people don't take advantage of because true enough some are pyramid scams but it pays for you to do your research. That's why I'm here because I have done all that for you.   

DIGITAL ALTITUDE (training to run your own business)

PAYPAL (for your secure online bank) 

Don't be afraid to contact me if you're ready to explore this new frontier into making money online and being apart of the next generation that builds careers online. We will become the new old fashioned together. 

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