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Monday, December 9, 2013


こんばんわ Good evening everyone!

It feels so nice to be back on my blog after 2 years!! 

Has it really been so long? I wonder what happened?  Oh that's right life got really rough for me so I had to

get myself together.  After getting things back on track and finding there are so many things that I still have

yet to do like getting married to a Japanese man,  having 2 kids or no kids at all, and just enjoying life to the

over the course of our short life spans, etc.

I have been steadily improving my 日本語 and it's going pretty well. I'm focusing on my kanji.  I'm going to

the practice if my hopes of ever being able to read a japanese newspaper are ever going to come forth.

I can easily catch on to songs that are in romaji (romanized japanese), and did I mention my pronounciation

is perfect.  The speed needs a little work sometimes since I am not a native speaker.

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