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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Splash of Red, White, and Blue

Kuroshina here!!!!

A few months ago I became friends with on Facebook Santana Freeeman and this person was always posting something about join this motor club for $40 and make $1000 a week, just by referring people and working from home. I didn't really pay much attention to it so I just you know was like that can't be real. 
I began to notice that this person was liking some of my photos so I asked some questions.  Just chatting nothing special.   Then I began asking like what was all the photos about the money and benefits from this certain company.
I came to my knowledge that this company was Motor Club of America.  You pay $40 to join via debit/credit card linked to a bank account and activate your membership & benefits immediately - $150,000 worth of benefits - then you just pay $20/mo.  I was like okay this has to be a scam of some sort. 
I took it upon my good judgement to do some research on the company history and check Better Business Bureau for legitimacy. It was real!!!!  I was blown away.
I decided to try it and bam!!!! I was on a roll.  Every sign up earned me $80 commission. I got my payment on Friday via direct deposit. I was amazed!
I've been doing this for about 2 months now. I make my own hours, manage everything from my laptop, and I never have to answer to a boss because I AM THE BOSS!  I would soooo recommend this job to anyone else.
In addition to this I also have another job, so I am not completely dependant on this job, however, I could be if I wanted to. That's just how much money I make. 

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