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Monday, December 9, 2013

The resisting HELL

It's hard to resist something that is so irresistable.  I cannot just ignore the fact that this one thing is so 
delicious that is simply impossible to ignore that it is burning away at my senses.  Well all is not lost....I still have a hope of it being freeely accessible one day to all the public and may be if I just go ahead and predetermine it's course it will find its way to me and only me. 

Thick dry wine is truly bitter in humor as it has a sweet name like "cupcake".  How deceiving it can be to ones own mine when it allures you with a strong smell of fragrance and tantalizing invitations of satisfaction among company.  I cannot begin to tell you the horrible mistake I made of venturing into this unknown territory of luxury among trustworthy comrades.  One chance to test my mind of this delicate yet strong drink and I failed miserably with the face of a pridefully wounded soldier at the end of decisive battle.  Never again shall I dwell on something that may have a chance of leaving utterly numb in my most deadly member.

A something sweet, that one sweet thing I love to eat! It has brought me great joy to learn of its secrets, its inner workings of pleasure as it brings to life the dulled senses of man and melts away the calloused emotions of all who enjoy it.  Rich is the reward of sampling but a taste of this entrancing dish.  How it drives mad its admirers from afar, keeping them at a distance though they are only an arms length away! Creamy clouds pure as the snow and just as light as air, that one can't help but look on in awe at its perfection.

It's everywhere! No matter what corner of the globe, one knows that it exists even to the farthest reaches of the north and south poles during their seasons.  An incomparable beauty that is truly remarkable, though, if one is not careful, can be dangerous.  Hidden beneath its cover can be prying eyes, creeping silently as if nothing was ever there in the moment one had only been there seconds before.   In the darkness it creates a luminescent shadow for light to penetrate even through it. 

Calm and serene as it is described by many and adored by all.  For at the mere thought of being engulfed by it and prancing through flames into its embrace.  Stoic, placid, collective, tranquill, beautiful....can you not look at it never more a word comes to mind?   For it is apart of us that we partake of it daily and enjoy the life it helps to bring forth in this cycle every creature knows.  



  1. Oh, Lei-chan! I really love the way you play with words. So pretty. <3

  2. Thank you. The title is deceptive